Winter 2002 Ejournal

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Winter 2002 Ejournal



Assisting Pitta Clients

By: Loretta Levitz


Ayurvedic Singularity

By: Kj Murari Chaitanya Dasa


Interagative Ayurvedic Protocol - Vata Pushing Pitta Imbalance, A Case Study

By: Linda Reynolds


Mind and the Moon

By: Prashant Sawant


Pharmacological Considerations of Bacopa Monniera

By: Samir Malhotra, Amit Pal Singh


Practitioner Insurance Update

By: Swami Sadashiva Tirtha


Seven Steps to Managing our Destiny

By: Ghanshyam Birla


Spiritual Healing - Bringing Benediction into Everyday Life

By: Martina Ziska


Sri Tulsi ji - The Incomparable Queen of Herbs

By: Prashanti de Jager

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