Spring 2019 Ejournal

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Spring 2019 ejournal


From the Editors Desk - Spring 2019

By:Anusha Sehgal

Jyoti on Kishore Kumar Ramakrishna

By: Anusha Sehgal


Organic AsvagandhÀ Truffles

by: Terri Ryan


An Integrative Approach to Young Adult Mental Health

By: Marni Chanoff


Depressive Subtypes in Ayurveda

By: Alok Kanojia


Understanding Mental Disorders in Ayurveda

By: Byresh Appiah


Milk, Best and Natural Rasayana for Human Being

By: Prakash Mangalasseri, E. Surendran, C.V. Jayadevan, A.K. Manoj Kumar, Seetha C


Ayurvedic Management of Drug-induced Tardive Dyskinesia, A Case Study

By: S. Sriman Narayanan, Prakash B. Narayana,  H.P. Savitha

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